2019 Recap

I've been saying I'm going to create a blog for as long as I can remember. There have been failed attempts in the past, but there have been failed attempts at many things in the past that I am now succeeding at -- fingers crossed!

Being today is the last day of the mother fuckin' decade, I thought a good entry into learning about me would be a recap. Instagram (you can follow me there by clicking --> @MsFitLiza) does the top 9 posts of the year, but I didn't think they truly represented what my most crucial moments were; they were just algorithms based on likes, not what was really going on in my life.

As I listen to U2 being played by my son on our Amazon Alexa (not an ad, we just really use this stupid thing way too much!), I am writing this up so if it gets a little sappy, blame Bono.

In January, everyone begins new transitions; resolutions for better things, goals to achieve XYZ, whatever. All I wanted was to continue my path, which at the time was losing weight and becoming a fitter me.

Unfortunately, there was a snag. Adult bullying is real. And I don't give a flying rat's ass if you're reading this and saying "Oh, she's playing the victim again." No. Quite the opposite my lovelies. I am taking back my life. I refuse to have my ONE AND ONLY SHORT life dictated by others. More on that later.

In the beginning of 2019, I had already lost about 40-50 lbs since starting my journey in August of 2018.

Finding a new home base gym was tricky but I managed to do it. I found Orangetheory Fitness. It was what saved me in most of 2019 and I am and will be forever grateful for every single person in the studio I attended.

Why did I need saving, though?

Lorrrrddddyyyyy, there will be future posts going into specifics, but for now, I will say my marriage was on the brink of crashing into a large iceberg. We were literally hanging on by fingertips. And my happy place was no longer my home, but Orangetheory.

(Ironically, my son just asked Alexa to play "Better off alone" by Alice Dee Jay -- what can I say? He has good taste in music.)

I became obsessed with OTF (short for Orangetheory for those that don't speak orange), and truly believed I couldn't continue my journey without it.

Obviously, this obsession goes far beyond the need for OTF. I felt great losing weight and getting stronger, but then at the same time I felt the need to get praise from others; acceptance that I never received as a child. I know. I know. I'm going DEEP, but I promise this blog is going to be all raw, deep, and rooted in truth. So, if that's not your thang ... may the force be with you and GTFO :)

It's now December 31, 2019, 10:33 AM and I am so fuckin' thrilled to say that through therapy, compassion from others, and a broader understanding of how to cope with toxicity, negativity, and those I thought I wanted approval from, I am in a far better place than I was this exact moment last year.

On a scale of 1 being "I hate my life" to 10 being "I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND!"

Marriage: 8.5 (My advice is to never get to a 10; there's always room for improvement and once you reach 10, what's left? Always want more. Always reach for more. Always GET IT!)
Health: 7.5 (a few injuries that force me to modify certain exercises and I'm still 50lbs from goal weight)
Self Confidence: 7. A G*DDAMN 7. I was at a -5 a few months ago. I know my self worth and I refuse to let anyone bring me down, because I'm better than that and if you don't want to appreciate me for the weirdo I am, then you, dear person, are not MY person.

What content to expect from this blog:
Special needs parenting
And whatever the hell my giant ass heart wants.

Welcome to MsFitLiza's world.

Happy and healthy new year to you all!

P.S. Want to donate to my VERY FIRST 5k? Start the new year off right by helping me reach my goal, or don't - that's cool, too! Click here to donate to my 5K run - funds donated to Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


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